Leejam Sports Company – IPO analysis

Leejam Sports Company (“Company”) is a Saudi joint stock company established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Company operates the largest network of fitness centres in the Middle East and North Africa region under the Fitness Time brand with 112 operational fitness centres in 23 cities in the Kingdom and three cities in UAE. Additionally, 31 fitness centres are under development as of 31 December 2017. (Source: Redherring Prospectus)

In 2018, there was an offering of 15,715,009 Shares representing 30% of the share capital of Leejam Sports Company through an initial public offering. (Source: Redherring Prospectus)

In the summer of 2018, the KIP team performed a deep analysis of the Company’s Red Herring prospectus, annual reports and the fitness centre industry. The presentation included a recommendation about the business and the forthcoming IPO.

Below are the final presentation and supporting documents.

The following are supporting documents:

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